Month: September 2009

Auction Finds: Electric Porsche 356 Speedster

Want to combine the classy looks of the original Porsche Speedster with the efficiency and low-down torque of electric motors. Can’t wait for a Tesla Roadster, or looking for something cheaper and not as common? This might be the answer....

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Auction Finds: BMW 2000 CS Coupe

This 2000CS BMW was in the auction last week, a grade 2 selling for almost 400,000 Yen. This model was made between 1965 and 1968. To my eyes the styling is pleasantly modern, although maybe not to everyone’s tastes. Apparently,...

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Auction Finds: Mini Moke

I haven’t seen one of these on the roads for years - certainly not in Japan - but here is a great example of the utility vehicle that was based on the Mini for sale in the car auction in...

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Auction Finds: Morgan Plus Four

Morgan is one of those quintessential English marques. Not only has it got a long and glorious history, but it let’s its classic heritage all hang out - even when creating an all new model with advanced materials, like the Aero...

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GT-R Eats 60s Classic and Gets Indigestion

While I am a big fan of the technology and sheet ability of the Nissan GT-R, I have to say that for me the styling is definitely function over form. Call me a Ferrari lover all you want, but there...

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Evolution II

I started getting interested in cars as a teenager in the 1980s. These were the days of the Countach versus the Testarossa, and later the 959 against the F40. But another battle was in progress a little further down the...

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Auction Find: Mercedes 230S Fintail (1967)

This Mercedes 230S  in today’s auction is not just a beautiful-looking car, but it is also a piece of automotive history: It is likely that thousands of people owe their lives to the pioneering engineering work on crumple zones that...

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Mercedes S-Class Hybrid Comes to Japan the home of Hybrids

Well, this is shaping up to be a Mercedes day, what with my previous post being about the classic Mercedes 230S. This time the news is a little different: The leader in plutocrat luxury announced its hybrid assault on Japan, the...

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This Pushmi-Pullyu Mini is a hot tip from one of our friends. It’s not in the Japanese car auctions here, but you can pick it up on eBay where it is available until September 8th, 2009. Someone really had Minsanity, and spent...

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Auction finds: 1999 GT-R V-Spec with only 1,390kms

Sometimes I see cars in the Japanese car auctions and I really wonder what the previous owner was like. Take this beautiful Nissan GT-R V-Spec. Bought in 1999 with the same owner ever since, it is immaculately turned out with...

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