How much is the value of a name? More than you think!

Some vehicles you have absolutely no idea of their market value.  Today this vehicle appeared in the Japanese used car auctions.  My customers purchase price seemed reasonable and perhaps buyable in my opinion, I mean it was a 1990, simple 4WD.  It had a few modern looking cons, like push start (nowadays that is hardly a selling point).  I knew the name “Lamborghini” was famous, and perhaps expensive, but I didn’t realize just HOW expensive.  (Yes, I had to check on the spelling for that name for this blog!  Hey can you close your eyes and spell Lamborghini ).

Here was the car, the 1990 Lamborghini Cheetah.  The start price turned out to be 5X the price I thought my customer had a good punt at.value-1




These trucks were made for international export

This truck was made for export to any country in the world.  After use in Japan, buyers from any country would want to purchase this truck, whether their country was left hand drive or right hand drive.  The incredible thoughtfulness of the maker.  Not only thinking of its first sale in Japan, but then its re-sale as a used truck in Japan’s used car and truck auctions.


Made for export



Two happy buyers.

Let’s hope that these 2 happy buyers will still be happy once they start driving (hopefully in the same direction)