Toyota FT86

Toyota first revealed the concept version of the FT86 Coupe at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.  Since then there have been a lot of rumors, could this be the takeover of the Celica brand?

As per usual in recession environment, the development of the FT86 is a combined work with Subaru.  The release date is expected in November 2011.  This week the production version of the FT-86 have surfaced on the internet.

You will definitely not find this any day soon in the auctions, you won’t even find it on a new Toyota dealers yard!


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X upgrade

Mitsubishi just announced an upgrade for it’s Lancer Evolution X (ten).   Now you can run your family around the rally stages with a maker option rear backing monitor.  Also, as you are coming around a gravel corner at 190kms/hr and you push both the brake and the accelerator at the same time, the brake now will take priority (you may loose a few seconds there getting to the shopping center)!

Now if you are worried about getting to your child’s school in time for that teacher parent interview, Mitsubishi have helped to cushion those corners (140km/hr corners!) by adding a soft pad to the upper part of the interior trim!   Also Mitsubishi have added some soft leather trim to the mid interior (probably to help you not to slip as you leap 3m into the air as you drive over those one lane bridges on the way to golf travelling at 165km/hr).

Now we do have a family Lancer Evolution X


Lancer Evolution X in luxury style


Comfort for the family, and you wont be late for the soccer game!

Tsunami used cars for sale?

We all saw the floods of the tsunami hitting all those cars and trucks.  So where are these vehicles now?  Could it be that they are being sold in the Japanese used car auctions?  Could a vehicle that you buy be one of these?

Basically there are major barriers to companies slipping tsunami history used cars through the Japanese used car auction system.

The first is the inspectors in the auctions themselves.  Basically Provide Cars only buys vehicles from theJapanese used car auctions.  These auctions have a very strict inspectors report.  The inspections are often extremely strict.  I have seen inspectors removing front headlights to find out whether a car has had a crash repair history.  Trying to hide tsunami history vehicles through these auctions without acknowledging it before hand on the auction sheet, would be a hard job.  When the inspector realizes the car he is looking at is a tsunami history car the auction will take up the matter with the selling company.  The selling company is risking their membership and reputation by not telling/acknowledging beforehand to the auction that these vehicles were tsunami history.  The risk to the selling company is too great.

A selling company  therefore has to acknowledge beforehand to the auction that this vehicle is “flood history” or in this case a “tsunami history” used car.  It will then be delegated to the “no claim” area of the auction, if it has documentation to go with the vehicle.   These vehicles sometimes  have a single note “flood history” or something similar written on the auction sheet with no inspectors report to go with it.  They are not being slipped through the auction but set aside to a no-claim part of the auction.
As a buyer you can buy peace.

It would be a totally different story buying from a dealers stock page however!  There is no guarantee where that vehicle has come from.  Now that is high risk!

Mazda jumps on to the “Black Edition” bandwagon with its Roadster

The Euro-Focus has one, HUMMER has one, Mercedes has one, Porsche has a few of them, Nissan has one, so why shouldn’t Mazda have one too?  Introducing the Mazda Roadster black-tuned edition.  It went on sale in Japan this week.  So why isn’t the car black?  Perhaps it is just the roof that is going to be black?  And it isn’t just any roof, it is a hard top roof, and not only that, it is a retractable hard top roof!  That, according to Mazda, qualifies it for the black-tuned edition.  Not enough you may think?  OK, let’s throw in some black door mirrors, and some black 17inch alloy wheels (actually metallic grey 17inch alloy wheels, but closer to black than red right?).  Not enough black you still think?  OK, let’s go inside.  How about black leather seats and a black leather steering wheel?  No?   Well the final touches by Mazda to make this Roadster RS RHT into the official Mazda Roadster black-tuned edition: give them three possible colors, “spirited green metallic”, “velocity red” and “crystal white pearl”.  (Yes, no black version!  But this is the black version?!).

Buy one new or get one in the auctions soon, again, near new is cheaper than new-new!