A car to end all “road rage”

Provide Cars  is eying up a potential new aftermarket car that will end all “road rage” problems.  It is a wrangler jeep marketed by Chrysler with a few aftermarket adjustments.

Take a look at the photo and picture yourself driving this car down to your local shopping center!


Time to put to end all road rage.

Imagine that middle-aged  lady’s expression on her face (the one in the Toyota Prius who never gives way to you) and her immediate compliance to the road rules!


Public Friendly Compliance Vehicle (PFCV)

Or think of those times when having a quick persuasive debate with some young people in another car and they use that version of sign language that you find hard to explain to the kids, how useful would these aftermarket gismo’s be then!

Provide Cars is looking into the possibility that owning this wrangler could also reduce the number of parking tickets.  After successful importation of the first prototype into Japan, the parking ticket theory will be tested live on the streets in Osaka.

Provide Cars considers the used car auctions as one of the better places to sell this vehicle, for the local Japanese market as well as for the export market.  Potential buyers could range test the aftermarket products on the vehicle on all the other empty vehicles in the auction without putting others at risk.

If you would like to pre-order this vehicle, please contact us.


Some of the aftermarket equipment, on hand for quick use


Even space for a handbag between the aftermarket extras

Would you buy wholesale or retail?

Silly question really, we all want to buy wholesale, the prices are cheaper, the product the same.

Let’s restate that question. Would you like to buy directly from the Japanese used car auctions or would you like to buy from an exporters stock list?

When you buy from an exporter involved in the price of your car are

  • yard fees
  • large overheads
  • a limited selection of vehicles (even the largest of exporters)
  • biased opinion of the vehicle

When you buy from an auction directly you get:

  • the actual price the vehicle sold for (called wholesale price)
  • no yard fees
  • an unbiased appraisal of your vehicle by the auction (the sellers do not own the auction)
  • a huge selection of vehicles to choose from, 10s or even 100s of times larger than an exporters stock list

It requires a little more patience and a bit of searching, but even that is fun, make a wise choice to buy safely, to buy wholesale.

Let one of the first companies to ever present the Japanese auctions online guide you through the process, we have experience, we know the process.

First step: take a 2 week free tour through the auctions, even practice bidding, researching past selling prices.

Don’t pay retail prices, learn the process and pay wholesale!


Wholesale prices, buy from where the exporters get their stock

Bigger and better appraised stock lists than any dealer can offer

Auctions from every corner of Japan

Largest listing of auction houses and stock

iCar, who is going to launch it, when will it be developed?

We have the iPod, iMac, iTunes, iPhone…. but who is going to develop the first iCar?  Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu (they have a slight advantage there, there name begins with the holy grail “i”), Daihatsu or are the honours going to go to a foreign auto-maker?

Also, what sort of vehicle is it going to be?

First of all, I am quite sure it will not be developed by the major automakers, so you will not see an iToyota or it’s potential “i” offspring (iPrius, iCamry, iLandcruiser etc), nor any iNissan (iGTR, iMaxima) etc.  The Apple branding traditionally is more rebellious than to allow a typical car maker to take the iCar title, it would have to be some company or group more radical than that.

Also, the car itself would have to be more radical than just a hybrid or electrical car.  It would need to be technology un-thought of by the major car companies.  It needs to be greener than that.  And although anything tagged with “i” tends to double its actual value, it still needs to be cheap enough to benefit the whole world, iCar needs to get out there to the whole world.

Well, it is still unknown who the iCar winner will be but if I had to award the iCar crown to anyone right now, it would probably be handed to the HHO specialists.  A grass roots, (for some reason major car companies do not want to get involved (probably because you can apply the system to any vehicle on the roads at the moment and therefore doesn’t involve selling any “new cars”)) green development, birthed not out of potential profit but the real need to improve on our present status quo in automobile world.

That would also mean any car sold in the used car auctions in Japan, could also become your potential “iCar”, with a few cheap modifications.

Honda leaking out prints of EV ACX

Apple does it, so why can’t Honda leak out bits of information about it’s up and coming concept cars to show at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.   Honda is planning to bring a large number of concept and production vehicles (more than any other automaker) to the Tokyo Motor Show.

One of the concept cars Honda will be presenting is the plug in hybrid as well as an EV called the ACX.

The company says the ACX will come with a two-mode drive system with an engine mode for extra power and performance, and an automatic drive mode for standard driving.
Not in the used car auctions yet, one day!


2012 Nissan GTR to have back seats removed!

The 2012 Nissan GTR model to be sold from this November in Japan will have a “TRACK PACK” version which will inherit the present Spec-V’s DNA plus the lightness of having no back seat for ideal trackday performances.

By improving the Nissan GT-R’s engine efficiency, its fuel economy has been decreased from 12L to 11.8L/100 Kms, not that people own a GTR to decrease their fossil fuel footprint! At the same time engine output rises from 390kW to 404kW at 6,4000rpm, also maximum torque from 612 to 632Nm from between 3,200 to 5,800 rpm.
Engine response and torque at mid- and low-speeds, and power at high revs, has been significantly improved due to;

  • improved intake efficiency
  • better air flow resistance,
  • improved exhaust emissions efficiency and control
  • reduced air flow resistance thanks to a more compact cat. converter
  • improved exhaust valve cooling performance by the adoption of a newly-designed metallic sodium-filled valve!

The transmission changes too: a strengthened design of the shift fork arm and a firmer fixing bearing. The use of racing oil in the transmission (why didn’t they do that before?).
If I write much more (actually copy details from another site) this blog may be sounding like an advertisement for Nissan!

It astounds me thought the details the Nissan engineers get into! Sodium filled valves to reduce heat of the exhaust fumes! Come on! Where did they get that idea from, the nuclear industry? Don’t those guys take a couple of years off and enjoy their previous creation?

I suppose with the European super car makers as well as Toyota biting at their feet there is no time for a break.

It goes without saying, but I will say it, save up to 50% on your next Nissan GTR and buy them in the Japanese used car auctions.


Toyota iQ with some remodelling

SEMA is the US’s biggest tuner show.  3 remodelled or ‘tweaked’ iQs made their appearance.

Remember the iQ?  It was the small car that retired granny would choose to economically do her shopping or visit her grand kids in.  Great modern piece of conservative creation by Toyota.  Here is the stock standard iQ found in the Toyota showrooms and also  found in the auctions in Japan:


Quaint stock standard iQ

Now the inside


And the lovely inside (American version)

Now you have a clear image of what the iQ is and who it is for.  Rethink, think iQ as well as EVO, as well as RS, GTR, turbo, .. can you image anything?

How about this:


iQ tuned



iQ wild, inside



Toyota iQ wilder