Month: November 2011

A car to end all “road rage”

Provide Cars  is eying up a potential new aftermarket car that will end all “road rage” problems.  It is a wrangler jeep marketed by Chrysler with a few aftermarket adjustments. Take a look at the photo and picture yourself driving...

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Would you buy wholesale or retail?

Silly question really, we all want to buy wholesale, the prices are cheaper, the product the same. Let’s restate that question. Would you like to buy directly from the Japanese used car auctions or would you like to buy from...

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iCar, who is going to launch it, when will it be developed?

We have the iPod, iMac, iTunes, iPhone…. but who is going to develop the first iCar?  Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Isuzu (they have a slight advantage there, there name begins with the holy grail “i”), Daihatsu or are the...

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Honda leaking out prints of EV ACX

Apple does it, so why can’t Honda leak out bits of information about it’s up and coming concept cars to show at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.   Honda is planning to bring a large number of concept...

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2012 Nissan GTR to have back seats removed!

The 2012 Nissan GTR model to be sold from this November in Japan will have a “TRACK PACK” version which will inherit the present Spec-V’s DNA plus the lightness of having no back seat for ideal trackday performances. By improving...

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Japanese new car imports down 27%

Not so good news for Yanase, Japan’s representative for most foreign made models, the new car sales of foreign cars in Japan is down 26.7% compared to a year ago. Perhaps the only good news is that truck sales increased...

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Toyota iQ with some remodelling

SEMA is the US’s biggest tuner show.  3 remodelled or ‘tweaked’ iQs made their appearance. Remember the iQ?  It was the small car that retired granny would choose to economically do her shopping or visit her grand kids in.  Great...

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