Export results for the last 4 years

Now this is interesting.  You can see the hurricane that hit the world in 2008 reflected in the used car exports around the world from Japan.
Starting from the largest numbers of exports to the least.  Used cars, vans and trucks.

Russia 2008 563,369, 2009 53,180, 2010 105,478, 2011 110,791

Dubai  2008 98,204, 2009 89,966, 2010 86,625, 2011 80,712

Chili 2008 123,944, 2009 51,066, 2010 86,625, 2011 69,473

New Zealand 2008 59,090, 2009 57,427, 2010 68,952, 2011 68,091

South Africa 2008 47,797, 2009 55,304, 2010 66,575, 2011 67,458

Kenya 2008 40,546, 2009 44,699, 2010 50,749, 2011 39,248

Without giving the figures the next countries in order were
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malaysia, Uganda, Peru ….

How many auctions are there anyway?

Checking some of our large competitors sites and I see one site claiming 150 auctions per week.  Well that is a bit of news to me.  I make it our objective to make every vehicle auction (including truck) available to our customers each week.   Let’s go through them and count them all.
Mondays:  we have AUCNET, Honda Fukuoka, Honda Hokkaido, Honda Kansai, Honda Nagoya, Honda Sendai, Honda Tokyo, JU Tokyo, USSR Aichi Nagoya.  That is 9 Japanese used car auctions on a Monday.

Tuesdays:  we have AAA, Arai Sendai, CAA Gifu, CAA Tokyo, CAA Tohoku, GE Nyusatsu Tokyo, JU Mie, JU Nagano, JU Saitama, JU Shizuoka, JU Yamaguchi, NAA Fukuoka, NPS Fukuoka Nyusatsu, NPS Osaka Nyusatsu, NPS Sendai Nyusatsu, NPS Tokyo Nyusatsu, Orix Fukuoka Nyusatsu,  ORIX Kobe Nyuusatsu, ORIX Sendai Nyuusatsu, SAA Sapporo, SAA Kyushu, SLC Tokyo, smap Fukuoka Nyusatsu, TAA Hiroshima, TAA Kinki, TAA Kyushu, TAA Minami Kyushu, TAA Shikoku, USS Yokohama. That is 29 Japanese used car auctions on a Tuesday.

Wednesdays:  we have Bay Auc, BCN, CAA Chubu, GE Nyusatsu Fukuoka, Hero, IAA, Isuzu Makuhari (truck auction), JAA, JU Ibaraki, JU Ishikawa, KAA Kyoto, KCAA Ebino, LAA Shikoku, ORIX Atsugi Nyusatsu, smap Sapporo Nyusatsu, smap Tokyo Nyusatsu, USS Fukuoka, USS Kobe, USS Niigata, USS Sapporo, USS Tohoku. That is 21 Japanese used car auctions on a Wednesday.

Thursdays:  we have Arai Oyama, GE Nyusatsu Kobe, HAA Osaka, Isuzu Kyushu (truck auction), JU Aichi, JU Fukushima, JU Gunma, JU Hiroshima, JU Kanagawa, JU Toyoama, KCAA Fukuoka, LAA Kansai, NAA Nagoya, NAA Osaka, Orix Nagoya Nyusatsu, SAA Hamamatsu, SLC Kobe, smap Kobe Nyusatsu, smap Nagoya Nyusatsu, TAA Chubu, TAA Hokkaido, TAA Kanto, TAA Tohoku, USS Tokyo, Zip Osaka.  That is 26 Japanese used car auctions on a Thursday.

Friday:  we have Arai Bayside, Isuzu Kobe, JAA Tsukuba, JU Chiba, JU Fukuoka, JU Miyagi, JU Niigata, JU Okayama LAA, JU Okinawa, JU Sapporo, JU Tochigi, KCAA Yamaguchi, NAA Tokyo, USS Hokuriku, USS Nagoya, USS Osaka, USS Saitama.  That is 17 Japanese used car auctions on a Friday.

Saturday:  we have Arai VT, HAA Kobe, JU Gifu, JU Nara, NAA Nagoya Nyusatsu, NAA Osaka Nyusatsu, NAA Tokyo Nyusatsu, TAA Yokohama, USS Gunma, USS Kyushu, USS Okayama, USS Ryutsu, USS Shizuoka.  That is 13 Japanese used car auctions on a Saturday.

That makes a total of 115 auctions, not 150.  Perhaps the programmers first language wasn’t English and he thought 115 was 150 (you know how fifteen and fifty can sound similar)!.
So there are 115 car and truck auctions a week in Japan and we show them.  Don’t settle for anything less or you will be missing some serious stock to choose from.

Re-auction a car? To be avoided like the plague!

Inside a large Japanese used car auction

Inside a large Japanese used car auction

Sometimes, usually at least once a month at Provide Cars Ltd, we have a customer who would like to re-auction his purchase for whatever reason.  Re-auctioning vehicles in the Japanese used car auctions should be avoided if at all possible.  Let me explain why.

First the sellers fees in most auctions are a lot more expensive than the buyers fees.  Also you must pay every time you auction your car, even if you do not sell it.

But when you sell a car back into the Used Car Auctions you must pay every time the car goes through the auction, even when it doesn’t sell.  You can not expect your car to sell the first time it goes through the auction, often it needs to go through 2 or 3 times before potential buyers actually purchase.   But why is the selling price nearly always lower than the buying price?

Think of the purchase process.  You log into the online car auctions.  You search for your vehicle of choice.  You bid, a very good price, just above the market average because you don’t just want a 50:50 chance of buying the vehicle, you want a 90% chance.  As the bidding goes, slowly the bargain hunters fall away, leaving the number of companies bidding on this vehicle to 5.  Next the budgets are exceeded by the other companies until there are only 2 companies left, you and another company with a customer just as keen on the vehicle as you are.  For the last 200,000yen of bidding, it is just you and this other company bidding.  Finally the car’s price exceeds the other company’s limits, they give up and you own the vehicle you planned on purchasing.

Now, for whatever reason you have decided to sell your vehicle back into the auction, when it goes back in the 2nd time, guess what major bidder is NOT bidding on it?  YOU.

Now, a week later or whenever, when the vehicle comes back into the auction, the best case scenario is that the number 2 buyer, still hasn’t found another vehicle to replace the one he wanted to buy but lost to you.  Likelihood is that he or she has already found another one from the same auction or perhaps another auction.  But let’s assume for arguments sake that  he or she hasn’t found a different vehicle and decides to bid on yours.  At what price now is this buyer going to be the only buyer bidding on this vehicle?  At the price when just the 2 of you were bidding.  That means, all other factors being equal, that this buyer will be the only bidder 200,000yen lower than the price you bought it for.  Why?  Again because YOU AIN’T THERE anymore.

I hope you begin to understand some of the factors involved with re-auctioning a vehicle back into the used cars auctions, and why it should be avoided like eating cold Mac Donalds french fries.  It really is not a good experience.