Month: January 2012

Work around Provide Cars

We all have various roles and various jobs at Provide Cars. Not JUST buying cars for customers from the used auctions. I am not sure what this job classification comes under but probably "other work".

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Export results for the last 4 years

Now this is interesting.  You can see the hurricane that hit the world in 2008 reflected in the used car exports around the world from Japan. Starting from the largest numbers of exports to the least.  Used cars, vans and...

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How many auctions are there anyway?

Checking some of our large competitors sites and I see one site claiming 150 auctions per week.  Well that is a bit of news to me.  I make it our objective to make every vehicle auction (including truck) available to...

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Re-auction a car? To be avoided like the plague!

Sometimes, usually at least once a month at Provide Cars Ltd, we have a customer who would like to re-auction his purchase for whatever reason.  Re-auctioning vehicles in the Japanese used car auctions should be avoided if at all possible.  Let me...

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