Delica D:5 the fifth generation Delica gets a green engine upgrade


delica2Anyone into Japanese used cars has usually owned one, driven in one, or wanted to own one of these vehicles, the delica wagon.  The even had a “space” version, the delica space gear, though I have never seen one flying myself.

Now Mitsubishi has added onto the Delica D:5 its AS&G intelligent motion system.  (Auto stop and go).  Without spending large amounts on a hybrid system etc. and just putting in the AS&G increases fuel economy by 14%.

The Delica D:5 was first released in 2007 with the continuing Delica goal of a people mover that transports people to their destination in comfort and safety.  It still had the SUV look and toughness but with the minivan comforts.

The Delica D:5 already offered a good environmental performance, with emissions that were 75% lower than the required Japan 2005 Emission Standards and the car qualified for a Vehicle Green Tax exemption by giving a consumption in pre-2010 days at a level 10% better than Japan’s 2010 Fuel Economy standards.

BMW 2002

The BMW classis 2002 produced in the late 1960’s and ’70s.  BMW needed to expand into new niche markets and a range of light but powerful compact two door cars was seen as the answer.

Power and yet agile was their reputation.  They had many success in touring races.  It was powered by the BMW four-cylinder M10 engine.  The initial line up bringing a four-door sedans and a two door coupe, a new line was broadened to the two-door sports sedans with the addition of the 02 Series 1600 and 2002 in 1966.  The two-doors’s success cemented the firm’s future an an upper tier performance car maker.

The one in today’s auction passed at 695,000yen.

Unfortunately the number plate does not sell with the car!


BMW 2002, look at the number plate!

1989 Hilux twin cab in mint condition and 11,360 kms

How can a hilux twin cab 1989 be on sale today in the Japanese used car auctions with only 11,360kms?  Could these kms be real?

Yes, both of the above is true.  In actual fact the real owner of this vehicle was a city council.  The vehicle was custom made as fire engine.  There is a story behind these vehicles for the city council.

These types of vehicles are purchased by the city hall by tender.  The city office explains what sort of vehicles is required and any company can tender their bids.  After the vehicle is made and paid for the city office also has a condition about how long they can keep the vehicle for, as well as what condition the vehicle must be kept to.  The result is a vehicle like this one, low in kms, high in condition that must be sold in the Japanese used car auctions.  Bargains to be got!