Prius Alpha new in the Japan car auction, HUGE savings

Are you looking to buy a new car?  Toyota Prius Alpha 7 seating perhaps?  Take a look at the drop in price of a brand new car that has done 7 kms.  Sold in the Japan car auctions today.



This sold for 2.080 million.  It was made 2 months ago and has done 7 kms.  It’s new!

From the Toyota dealer, if you order a Prius Alpha 7 seater model S this is the base price you pay:



2.829 million yen.  That is a saving of over 800,000 yen!  Don’t buy from a Toyota car dealer, buy from the Japan car auctions and save huge sums.

Many new Toyota Prius in the auctions

The auctions are full of near new and brand new cars, especially the very common Toyota Prius.

Look at this one, it has done only 18 kms:



It passed in the auction at 1,845,000

One of these new costs 2,479,000.  Feel sorry for the Toyota branch that was selling it!



2015 Toyota Alphard model on sale in the auctions

It is not just older vehicles sold in the auctions.  As with the Toyota Alphard 2016 shown above, there are many new and near-new cars and trucks sold in the auctions each day.The car above is a 2016 Alphard with 1881 kms on the clock, probably a dealer’s show car.

The grades vary in price (see below picture), but this one is 3rd to the top of the most expensive, being the non-hybrid executive lounge.  The most expensive being the Hybrid 2.5L executive lounge 4WD at 7 million yen.  A bit too much for your budget?  You can choose the base version:  the 2.5 X  for 3.19 million instead.



Toyota landcruiser new on sale in the auctions

Not everything sold in the auctions is used.  Take a look at this Toyota landcruiser on sale in the auctions today.  It has 4 kms on the clock.  The only thing it does not have is a stereo, which is standard for new-used cars sold in the auctions.   The price of this brand new from a dealer starts from 5.13 million yen.



Pros and Cons of buying from the Japan car auctions compared with purchasing from a dealers stock

What are the pros and cons of buying from the Japan car auctions compared with buying from a dealers or exporters stock?

First of all, the advantages of buying from a dealers stock.

  1. The car is there before your eyes, or to be more precise, it’s photo are and you can see them.
  2. The price is fixed.  There is no need to calculate a bidding figure.  Often also the car is sold as FOB, so there is no need to calculate the commission as well.
  3. There are usually more pictures than available on the auction’s homepages.
  4. For vans, (Hiace vans etc), the number of seats are very clear.  For trucks, the detailed specs of the truck can be checked before purchase.

Disadvantages of buying from a dealers stock.

  1. No dealer is going to give you a 100% honest explanation of the vehicle, it will be bias.  It doesn’t matter how nice the dealer is, he is going to be biased towards this vehicle.  His stock is always “good” stock, even if it was a grade 3 or a grade R when purchased from the auctions.
  2. Unlike an auction, there is no “independent” appraisal of the vehicle, you’ve got to take the dealers word.
  3. Often the used car exporters, especially if they are not Japanese, do not have an ability to read the auction sheet of the car they purchased, and then do not know the faults written about the car from the auction.  Even if the can read, they don’t usually mention them.
  4. Price.  Perhaps the most important factor.  For a dealer to buy a car and sell it in stock.  It is a risk.  A larger risk than purchasing in the auctions on order.  There is a possibility that the car will not sell from his stock, he doesn’t want that. Higher risk must be equal to higher returns.  The dealer / exporter needs to add value, not just commission to make this extra risk worth while.  That is why a dealer`s / exporter`s stock is more expensive than buying directly from the auctions.  Often this adds up to $100s even $1000s of dollars difference between buying from the auctions or buying from stock.  Have a look at the link below as an example:

Comparing auction prices to selling stock on a homepage.

Famous BMW found on the road!

Found this rare car on the way home from one of the Japan car auctions.

It is a BMW 600 made in 1950s.

Door opens up the front!




It seems about 35,000 of these 4 seater BMW 600 were sold due to apparent competition to the VW beetle.  It had a top speed of 100 kms/hr!  I’d be fearful driving down the autobahn in a BMW 600!