Month: October 2016

Many new Toyota Prius in the auctions

The auctions are full of near new and brand new cars, especially the very common Toyota Prius. Look at this one, it has done only 18 kms:   It passed in the auction at 1,845,000 One of these new costs...

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2015 Toyota Alphard model on sale in the auctions

It is not just older vehicles sold in the auctions.  As with the Toyota Alphard 2016 shown above, there are many new and near-new cars and trucks sold in the auctions each day.The car above is a 2016 Alphard with...

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Toyota landcruiser new on sale in the auctions

Not everything sold in the auctions is used.  Take a look at this Toyota landcruiser on sale in the auctions today.  It has 4 kms on the clock.  The only thing it does not have is a stereo, which is...

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Famous BMW found on the road!

Found this rare car on the way home from one of the Japan car auctions. It is a BMW 600 made in 1950s. Door opens up the front!   It seems about 35,000 of these 4 seater BMW 600 were...

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