Compare … the Japan car auctions to New Zealand sales prices

Apologies to other countries, this post is aimed at New Zealand buyers.

Today a Nissan Note, 2014, (grade 4.5 you can not get much better than that) with 56,000 kms sold in the Japan car auctions for 400,000 yen. That equates to a landed price in New Zealand of $10,104. Now compare that with what is on sale in New Zealand for the same year. $13,990 with 66,000 kms and $14,990 with 54,000 kms. Hmm, I would consider this Nissan note sold in the Japan car auctions today to be most similar to the second of the two. That is a savings of over $4,500.

See photos below:


Comparing hybrid cars, fuel economy and purchase prices

According to the car makers below is a list of hybrid cars, their fuel consumption at 10・15 mode (km per liter) and the price of the vehicle.

Car Name 10・15 mode (km per liter) Car purchase price (000)
Toyota Aqua 40.0 169~268
Toyota Prius 35.5 205~327
Honda Fit hybrid 30.0 159~198
Toyota Sai 23.0 338~426
Toyota Estima Hybrid 20.0 376~506
Crown Hybrid 15.8 595~619
Harrier Hybrid 17.8 422.1~475.65
Lexus HS250h 23.0 395~535
Lexus GS450h 14.2 697~797
Lexus RX450h 19.4 545~650
Lexus LS600h/KS600hL 12.2 1350~1510
Insight 30.0 189~221
Civic Hybrid 31.0 228.9~285.6
CR-Z 22.5~25.0 226.8~249.8


Japanese Hybrid Cars a history

Date produced Car Name Details
1997 Oct Toyota Prius
Toyota’s first Prius hybrid-prius-nhw10
1999.9 Honda Insight
2 door, aluminium framehybrid-2
2000 March Nissan Tino
Only 100 madetinocopy
2001 June Toyota Estima Hybrid
Toyota’s first mini van hybridestima-01copy
2001 August Toyota Crown Hybrid Mild hybrid, just an increase in savings of 15%crown-01copy
2001 December Honda Civic hybrid
4 door body type sedancivic-01copy
2003 July Toyota Alphard Hybrid
The Alphard series makes and appearance as a hybridalphard
2003 August Toyota Prius 2nd generation
Moves from a 4 door sedan to a 5 door hatchbackprius-nhw20copy
2003 Jan Suzuki Twin
Very cheap base modeltwincopy
2005 March Toyota Harrier Hybrid
V6, 3.3L engine brought out together with the Krugger Hybridharriercopy
2005 August Honda Civic 2nd generation
Four door sedanciviccopy
2006 March Lexus GS450H
V6 3.5l engine with the strength of a 4.5Lgs450hcopy
2006 June Toyota Estima Hybrid generation 2
THS-II systemestimacopy
2007 May Lexus LS600h/ LS600hL
V8, 5 liter engine with the ability of a 6 literls600hcopy
2008 May Toyota Crown Hybrid 2nd generation
Transplanted from the Lexus  GS450hcrowncopy
2009 Jan Lexus RX450h
Similar to the harrier hybridrx450hcopy
2009 Feb Honda Insight 2nd generation
Like the Prius it is a 4 door hatchback, popularinsightcopy
2009 May Toyota Prius 3rd generation
Long waiting list for this popular carprius-zvw30copy
2009 July Lexus HS250h
4 door sedan, first hybrid only lexushs250hcopy
2009 Dec Toyota Sai
Lexus version HS 250hsaicopy
2010 Feb Honda CR-Z
Fast little hybrid sports, 6 speed manual transmission lineupcr-zcopy
2010 Sept Honda Fit Hybrid
Insight engine into a fitfitcopy
2010 Oct Nissan Fuga Hybrid
One motor 2 clutchesfugacopy
2011 Jan Lexus CT200h
Lexus 5 door hatch back hybridct200hcopy
2011 May Toyota Prius alpha
Prius wagon type, 5 or 7 seaterprius-alphacopy
2011 June Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid
Fit hybrid wagon shapefitshuttlecopy
2011 Sept Toyota Camry
First camry hybrids sold in Japancamrycopy
2011 Oct Honda Freed
Mini van, 3 sets of seats hybridfreedcopy
2011 Oct Honda Freed Spike
5 seater version of the Honda Freedfreedspikecopy
2011 Nov Toyota Alphard Hybrid 2nd generation
High Class mini van hybridalphard2copy
2011 Dec Toyota Aqua
Small car, even more MPG than the Priusaquacopy
2012 Jan Lexus GS450h 2nd generation
New shaped body and even more efficientgs450h-02copy
2012 May Nissan Cima Hybrid
Long body base with the Fuga engine, Nissan’s top of the linecimacopy
2012 August Nissan Serena Hybrid
Popular Nissan mini van’s first hybrid modelserenacopy
2012 Dec Toyota Crown Hybrid 2nd generation Dropped from a 6 cylinder to a 4 cylindercrown-s21copy
2013 May Lexus IS300h
First hybrid in the IS model rangeis300hcopy


BMW M3 Sport Evolution 1994 in the Japan car auctions

Left hand drive BMW M3 Sport Evolution 1994 in the Japan car auctions today.  Excellent grade 4 condition with only 46K kms on the clock.  Started at 2.5 million yen and finally sold for over 10 million yen in the Japan car auctions today.  Why invest in the stock market or gold?  Grade 4 with a C interior (some wear and surface seat burns).  Not sure whether this would have sold to the local market or export market.