Affordable Fast Cars

When you hear the word “cars” what do you think of?  The movie, “Cars”?

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OK, what else?  SPEED!  Racing!   So which car is currently the fastest street legal car in the world?

According to sources the Hennessey Venom F5`s top speed was 301 mph.  But the Hennessey has yet to confirm the speed with the Guinness Book of World Records.  What can tell you is that it costs $1.6 million US dollars.  I’m sure many of us can afford it?  I don’t think so.

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But let’s not get discouraged yet.  There are affordable and fast cars out there.  Here’s a list of them.

1. Toyota Celsior

Considered to be one of the most reliable cars on the market.  A 1994 model with under 84,000 miles sold for $650 USD at the Japanese auto auction.

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2. Volvo V70R

Don’t be fooled by it’s station wagon look.  This baby produces 300 horse power!  Was sold for less than $1000 USD at Japanese auto auction.

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3.  Nissan Fairlady Z

You can snag one for less than $4000 USD in great condition.  I remember doing almost 120mph on the highway once.  Don’t do it on a rainy day like I did.  Always drive safe ; )

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4.  Nissan Skyline 350GT

Another Nissan that gives you speed for the best bang for your buck. How much you ask?  You can get one for less than $1000 USD at the Japanese auto auction.

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This is a short list of some of the affordable cars that are available.  However, there are dozens and dozens of more affordable and fast cars at the auto auctions.  Some of you are probably skeptical of the prices quoted in this blog.  I don’t see any point of lying but If you want to find out for yourself sign up for a free trial with Provide Cars Ltd.  Go to and click on the Sign Up tab.  You will be assigned to one of the staff members so feel free to ask as many questions as you like.

Car Stickers for Safety

If you have been to Japan you have probably seen the following stickers on cars.  Each sticker has specific meanings and helps new and experienced drivers on the road. Knowing who you are driving behind could help drivers become more aware and cautious.  Who knows, it could probably help road rage as too.

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1. Wakaba/Shoshinsha Mark – Beginner’s sticker

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When you first obtain a driver’s license, you are required to place this mark on both the front and back side of your vehicle for one year. It’s called the 若葉(wakaba – green leaf) or 初心者(shoshinsha – beginner) mark in Japanese.


2. Koreisha/Momiji/Yotsuba Mark – Senior Driver Sticker

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It is recommended that drivers over the age of 70 or older should attach this sticker, but anyone over age 75 is required to attach this sticker to their vehicle. The tear-drop shaped version is called the 紅葉(Momiji – or “Autumn leaves”) in Japanese and was instituted in 1997. In 2011, the 四葉 (Yotsuba – four-leaf clover) version was introduced to replace the previous Momiji sticker.


3. Choukaku Shougai Mark – Hearing Impaired Driver Sticker

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Hearing impaired drivers should attach this sticker to their vehicles. It is called a 聴覚障害 (choukaku shougai – hearing impaired) mark in Japanese.


4. Shintai Shougai Mark – Handicapped Driver Sticker

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Handicapped drivers should attach this sticker to their vehicles. It is called the 身体障害 (shintai shougai – physical impairment) mark in Japanese.