Model update, Mistubishi Delica D5 2017 April~

This blog specifically for the NZ market.  What cars from the Japanese used car auctions have ESC (electronic stability control)?  It depends on the model of car, as well as the model within the model!  Luckily when it comes to the Mistubishi Delica D5, ALL variants have ESC.

For Mistubishi, they call it “ASC” or active stability control, rather than ESC.

If you are fluent in Japanese you can read the link here

When searching for the Delica D5 in the daily Japanese auctions, search for “Mitsubishi”, then on the left side of “Delica” click on the number, then choose Delica D5.

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Obon summer break

Each summer in Japan the country celebrates the Obon summer break.  Although Obon is a Buddhist ceremony celebrating the spirits of the dead, the living use the time, a clumped together group of national holidays, to take a break during the hottest time on the Japanese calendar.  We follow the used car auctions leads and give our staff a break.  The following auction holiday schedule  will be followed.  Note we are open for bidding when the auctions are open, though the other staff will be on a break.

Toyota Prius ESC since 2003

The Toyota Prius has had ESC (Electronic Stability Control) in models since August 2003.  The first time this was included was in the model change to the NHW20  chassis, while only in the G model, not the S.

This also has the triple digit emissions code, so it is still importable into New Zealand with the strict triple digit AND ESC restrictions.  In Toyota language they call it “Vector Stability Control”.

So when searching for a Prius with the electronic stability controls system, you need to search for models that came out after the model change in September 2003, or the “20” series or the chassis NHW20.  Finally you need to focus on the model type, as not all the models had stability control.  You need to focus on the “G” series.  Here is a photo of the stats from a 2004 Toyota catalog: