Obon auction break 2022

What is Obon?  “The Japanese welcome the spirits of their dead ancestors and rekindle their connections” … well that is the first time I have heard that and I have been living here for over 30 years.  I suppose that is the official reason but the reality is it is just a holiday break where… Continue reading Obon auction break 2022

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Corona Virus and used car exports

Who would have thought that a virus would affect the price of a used car? In a Asahi Shinbum (major Japanese newspaper) article, the price change of used vehicles in Japan has increased by 18.8%, from a year earlier.

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RORO shipping crunch time ..

For a year now the cost of container shipping from Japan has skyrocketed, as has world wide prices.  Luckily until now that hasn’t had as much of an impact on RORO shipping out of Japan.

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