Unusual Toyota Prius 2010 twins for sale!

A quick look at today’s car auctions shows a couple of Toyota 2010 Prius twins for sale:

Twin one

And slightly uglier, Toyota Prius 2010 twin 2

They both have the same kms, so they definitely have been following each other, same colour, same driver  (may be not), but twin two has a dirty secret that twin 1 doesn’t have.  Twin 2 had a crash repair sometime in it’s life.  Probably trying to stay too close to his big brother!

Prius 2010 Prices

Perhaps the most available car in the Japanese used car auctions is the Toyota Prius.  Due to it’s huge numbers, the prices can be totally predictable.  Removing “black” Prius’ from the data (black colour doesn’t seem to behave in the same manner as the other colours), results for Prius sales in the last few months.  The Prius targeted was the 2010 model.   The price the car sold in the auctions was plotted against the kms of that vehicle. All vehicles were grade 4.

Here are the results:

The y coordinates is the price in 000yen and the x coordinates are the kms in 000


Golden week auction schedule

The annual large Japanese holiday “Golden week” will be upon us soon.

The auctions will be on holiday for the following days:
Last normal day for auctions: April 27th (Saturday)
First normal day for auctions after the break  Wednesday 8th


Toyota Probox

The Toyota Probox was introduced by Toyota in Japan in August 2002. It is a small wagon designed for commercial use as a delivery car, and closely related to the Toyota Succeed.

  • Body type: Wagon
  • Drive: Full 4WD or front wheel drive
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual or automatic
  • Displacement, 1298 cc
  • Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), 4195 x 1690 x 1525 mm
  • Interior dimensions (LxWxH), 1645 x 1405 x 1245 mm
  • Wheel base, 2550 mm
  • Engine type  2NZ-FE
  • Chassis type  NCP50V  (2WD)

Now compare what a dealer sells this car for on a well known stock page (For privacy sake the dealers name has been deleted)


This price is FOB I assume.

Now compare this to results in the month of September from the auctions:


To find out what the FOB value of this is, add on 75,000yen. So the 96km grade 4 on the list above sold for 555,000yen (=480,000yen+75,000yen) . US $7115  for a much better quality vehicle and better kms.

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