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Japanese Hybrid Cars a history

See the table below for a a short history of Japanese Hybrid cars Date produced Car Name Details 1997 Oct Toyota Prius 1496cc Toyota's first Prius  1999.9 Honda Insight 995cc 2 door, aluminium frame 2000 March Nissan Tino 1769cc Only...

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Famous BMW found on the road!

Found this rare car on the way home from one of the Japan car auctions. It is a BMW 600 made in 1950s. Door opens up the front!   It seems about 35,000 of these 4 seater BMW 600 were...

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Bid abroad, or bid in Japan in the Japan car auctions

Talking to dealers in various countries, I often hear a dealer boast "we bid live from our office".  What he is saying is that he is using the auctions homepage's log in to purchase cars for himself or his customer....

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Narrow Japanese roads

Narrow Japanese roads are a reason for a lot of scratches, especially on drivers side mirrors.  Try squeezing two cars down one of these roads.  And America complains that the Japanese don't buy enough of their large, wide vehicles!

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Will we all end up driving a hybrid eventually?

Will it be a Toyota Prius? Or maybe a Subaru XV (pronounced with the letters X and V, not 15) What are the issues around those batteries and when do they need to be replaced?  That would be my biggest...

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