Staff Updates

Eugene Potapov | Provide Cars

Expert in finding vehicles for customers, fixing their problems and probably needs a little more rest! Contact Eugene: [email protected]   In the beginning ... Eugene's passion for cars developed while studying in Far Eastern State Maritime Academy (FESMA now), back...

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Chikara Imashioya | Provide Cars

This gentle English fluent father of 4 won't think twice about doing overtime to make sure a problem or job is fixed before heading home each day. Often the last one out of the office.   In the beginning ......

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Takako French – A Biography

Takako likes to take time to spend on crafts and spinning, not exactly related to cars! Occasionally I can identify a Toyota (by its badge), but beyond that I get lost on all those names. I do like spending time...

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Jon French – A Biography

Jon likes to lead from the rear. He believes an atmosphere of freedom in the workplace creates the healthiest environment for work. Staff need to be free to make their own decisions, as long as the end goal of serving...

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Work around Provide Cars

We all have various roles and various jobs at Provide Cars. Not JUST buying cars for customers from the used auctions. I am not sure what this job classification comes under but probably "other work".

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