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What We Do?

We guide you through the online auction process, guiding you through the quality checks and at a price that fits your budget. Shipping, documentation, export ... leave that to us.

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Shipping: container or RORO, compare the options.

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Our Process

Here’s our step-by-step process. Not all auction agencies are transparent like us.

Step 1

Get a FREE trial. Is the car you're looking for there? What is the market price? Is it economical to import? Is it cheaper than exporters stock? (It is!)

Step 2

We'll contact you. Explain the costs in Japan, freight costs. We'll help you make the right decisions that suit you.

Step 3

Search for your car in the auctions. See it's average sale price. Use our calculator to determine landed at home costs.

Step 4

Deposit (10% or 100,000 yen, whichever is greater). Bid. Buy. Get the invoice we get from the auction. No hidden fees. Everything upfront.

Step 5

Car goes to the port. Documents to us. Deregistered. Ship booked. Loaded onto ship. Documents sent to you.


Customer satisfaction is our goal. See what our clients are saying about Provide Cars.

Common FAQ

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

If you want us to, yes. Although we can not travel 2,300kms each day from Hokkaido to Kyushu checking each car, we can call on other companies to check for us.

No auction fees, no documentation fees, no re-cycle fees, no consumption tax fees, no "any" tax fees, this is ALL included in the commission. The one variable that changes to each auction is the transportation fee, that is charged seperately.

Of course. We know the documentation needed for all countries. Your deregistration document is treated like gold, very carefully and safely sent to you.

In Japan we have many typhoons. Very, very rarely there is damage on the yards when we have a direct hit from one. So YES we are fully insured from the moment of purchase to going on the boat.

NO! Definitely not. However, we will help you save on buying a lemon. We will help you save by not paying OVER market rates. We will help you save by NOT buying and covering your mistakes. Those savings outweigh a larger commission fee.

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