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Provide Cars has been a leader in the export of used Japanese cars since 1998. We were one of the first car exporters to leverage the power of the Internet to open up Japanese car auctions to car dealers all round the world. Now we offer access to vehicles in over 115 auctions around Japan, with over 50,000 vehicles available on the busiest days during peak season.

We focus primarily on car dealers who want to take advantage of the relatively low prices and good quality of the secondhand cars in Japan to give their customers better deals than any of their competitors can offer. Of course, we can also source other vehicles, such as vans, trucks, buses, SUVs, 4×4s, minivans, minitrucks and others.

Our goal is to give you our best service so that you can concentrate on growing your business and making money.

The Company

Provide Cars was started in 1997. In those days, staff would personally go to car auctions in the Osaka and Nagoya area and recommend cars to customers over the phone. We became members of JUMVEA (the Japanese car exporters’ trade association in Japan) in 1998, and were incorporated as a company in 1999.

As the Internet started taking off, Provide Cars realized that moving online would allow more customers to see and buy more cars from more auctions not only in their local area of Osaka, but all round Japan. Being one of the first Japanese car exporters to embrace the opportunities of the Internet was a huge boost to Provide Cars’ business.

Now we offer dealers overseas the opportunity to buy from tens of thousands of vehicles auctioned daily in Japan. We help them overcome the language barrier and smooth the export process, taking the stress out of buying from Japan. As a customer of Provide Cars, you can see the cars, trucks and buses that are coming up for auction in real time on your screen. We provide you with translations of the auction inspectors’ comments so you have a good overall understanding of the condition of the vehicle, and our experienced and helpful staff will also assist you with advice.

Since we started, we have been sent thousands of vehicles to countries in many continents, but our philosophy has not changed: We want to see our customers succeed and grow, so we can grow together with them. If you are in the car business, why not give us a test drive and see what we have to offer?

Meet the Japanese Car Auction Team

At Provide Cars’ our staff are at the core of our business. Very simply, we know we are not the only Japanese car auction exporter shipping used cars from Japan. So why choose us over the other guy? Well, there are some key areas in which we are ahead of the competition:

  • Trustworthiness: We very rarely see our customers face-to-face as we are separated by thousands of miles. Without absolute trust, our business is doomed, which is why we will do nothing to damage this relationship of trust.
  • Communication: This is right up there with trust. Without good communication, all kinds of things can go wrong in any business transaction – and that risk is compounded by the international nature of our business. This is why all of our customer service staff speak at least English and Japanese to a very high level, and we use as many media as possible (email, online chat, Skype, phone, fax) to help you keep in touch with us.
  • Dedication: Join us, and you will find that you are not treated simply as a customer. Whether it is research about a particular model, getting parts, questions about emissions testing – whatever it is, we will do our best to get you the information and help you need. Your success is our success!

Our Japanese Used Car Auction Team

A team working is vital for the success of the Japanese used car auction. A famous proverb says “Look at the ant and learn, it has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest”. Not implying our team are ants, but we do know our roles and do not have need of a commander barking out orders. We have had many come through the team here at Provide Cars, some for longer periods and some for shorter. The team here now are an amazing group. You don’t need to believe my words though, just click on the links below and find out more about each of the different members that make up the Provide team.

Management Team

Jon French

Managing Director
P. +64-4077019
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Takako French

Deputy Director
P. +64-4077019
View Biography

Sales Team

Chikara Imashioya

P. +81-798-75-1451
View Biography

Yevgeniy (Eugene) Potapov

P. +64 9 889 8383
View Biography

Les Brimblecombe

Private Sales
P: +64 274 408 050
View Biography

Phil Keenaghan

P: +81-798-75-6676
skype: japanphil
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The Documentation and Exporting Team

Reiko Suzuki

P. +81-798-75-0313
View Biography

Hiromi Nakagawa

P. +81-798-75-0313
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The Bidding Team

Shinji Kanou

P. +81-798-75-0313
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Nobuhiro Mogi


The Accounts Team

Chieko Dan

dan @providecars.com

P. +81-798-75-0313

Yasuko Hirosaki

yasuko @providecars.com

P. +81-798-75-0313

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