Toyota Supra 2019~ model

Toyota has always wanted to re-introduce it’s very poplular Supra back into the market . In 2019 it did with both the 2.0L and 3.0L engines. Let’s have a look at these cars and what the sell for in the Japan car auctions

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USS Car Auctions in Japan

A brief overview of the largest of the used car auctions in Japan, the USS Auction group. They comprise of about 37% of the new and used cars sold in Japan each year, so are of major importance for both exporters in Japan as well as importers outside of Japan.

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Toyota GR Yaris

You may already know that the Toyota Vitz in Japan is the Toyota Yaris outside of Japan. However, Toyota has taken the foreign name, Yaris, and applied it to the Toyota Vitz specifically for the JDM market. Introducing the JDM Toyota Yaris GR, a unique variant with a three-door configuration.

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Update on Container shipping of used cars out of Japan

Discover the evolving trends in the ocean freight industry, as carriers navigate a capacity crunch and place orders for more container ships. Explore the projected increase in vessel deliveries, including larger and green fuel-compatible options. However, concerns arise regarding overcapacity and declining rates. Learn about the shift from RORO to containerized car shipping, offering new opportunities in the industry. Stay informed and adapt to the changing dynamics of the shipping world.

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