Sometimes I see cars in the Japanese car auctions and I really wonder what the previous owner was like. Take this beautiful Nissan GT-R V-Spec. Bought in 1999 with the same owner ever since, it is immaculately turned out with only 1,390 (authentic) kilometers on the clock. Now, I understand how a proud owner would love their car, but surely a car like this is just begging to be driven. I mean, this car is ten years old, so it has not even managed 200 km each year!

Where has it been? What has it been up to? It’s all a mystery.

Whatever the reasons, the low mileage got the buyers out with it reaching almost 4 million at auction, when regular V-Specs of this age and grading (4.5) would normally average 3.1 million – although they also would typically have about 70,000KM on the clock, whereas this pristine example is only just starting to get run in.


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