While I am a big fan of the technology and sheet ability of the Nissan GT-R, I have to say that for me the styling is definitely function over form. Call me a Ferrari lover all you want, but there is something uniquely challenging about the GT-R’s shape.

And I don’t think I am necessarily the only one out there. So let’s just say I was surprised when Mercedes decided that cross-breeding the late 50s / early 60s classic gull wing SL with the GT-R was the way to go with the metal work for their new Mercedes AMG SLS. It looks like the GT-R gulped down the gull wing and got indigestion for its trouble. Check out the head lights in particular.

2009 Nissan Skyline


2010 Silver AMG SLS Mercedes

As they say in the Eurovision: Styling – nil points

GT-Rs are very common in the Japanese used car auctions and readily buyable.

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