I haven’t seen one of these on the roads for years – certainly not in Japan – but here is a great example of the utility vehicle that was based on the Mini for sale in the car auction in Japan today.mini-moke-in-japanese-car-auction
Apparently the whole Moke concept started with an attempt to create a Jeep-type vehicle that could be air-dropped. Of course, as you can see, the slight problem with the Mini Moke being used as an offroad vehicle is fairly obvious: Ground clearance is minimal. Power was also lacking, and so it was really not a practical proposition as a military vehicle.
That did not stop the Moke entering production as a utility vehicle, gaining cult status in such diverse locales as Australia, the US, the Seychelles and the Carribbean.

I wonder how much it will go for in today’s auction? This is such a rare site, there is no real historical prices to go on, but with a start price of 500,000 Yen, I expect the owner is looking for a good payout.

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