We all saw the floods of the tsunami hitting all those cars and trucks.  So where are these vehicles now?  Could it be that they are being sold in the Japanese used car auctions?  Could a vehicle that you buy be one of these?

Basically there are major barriers to companies slipping tsunami history used cars through the Japanese used car auction system.

The first is the inspectors in the auctions themselves.  Basically Provide Cars only buys vehicles from theJapanese used car auctions.  These auctions have a very strict inspectors report.  The inspections are often extremely strict.  I have seen inspectors removing front headlights to find out whether a car has had a crash repair history.  Trying to hide tsunami history vehicles through these auctions without acknowledging it before hand on the auction sheet, would be a hard job.  When the inspector realizes the car he is looking at is a tsunami history car the auction will take up the matter with the selling company.  The selling company is risking their membership and reputation by not telling/acknowledging beforehand to the auction that these vehicles were tsunami history.  The risk to the selling company is too great.

A selling company  therefore has to acknowledge beforehand to the auction that this vehicle is “flood history” or in this case a “tsunami history” used car.  It will then be delegated to the “no claim” area of the auction, if it has documentation to go with the vehicle.   These vehicles sometimes  have a single note “flood history” or something similar written on the auction sheet with no inspectors report to go with it.  They are not being slipped through the auction but set aside to a no-claim part of the auction.
As a buyer you can buy peace.

It would be a totally different story buying from a dealers stock page however!  There is no guarantee where that vehicle has come from.  Now that is high risk!