Silly question really, we all want to buy wholesale, the prices are cheaper, the product the same.

Let’s restate that question. Would you like to buy directly from the Japanese used car auctions or would you like to buy from an exporters stock list?

When you buy from an exporter involved in the price of your car are

  • yard fees
  • large overheads
  • a limited selection of vehicles (even the largest of exporters)
  • biased opinion of the vehicle

When you buy from an auction directly you get:

  • the actual price the vehicle sold for (called wholesale price)
  • no yard fees
  • an unbiased appraisal of your vehicle by the auction (the sellers do not own the auction)
  • a huge selection of vehicles to choose from, 10s or even 100s of times larger than an exporters stock list

It requires a little more patience and a bit of searching, but even that is fun, make a wise choice to buy safely, to buy wholesale.

Let one of the first companies to ever present the Japanese auctions online guide you through the process, we have experience, we know the process.

First step: take a 2 week free tour through the auctions, even practice bidding, researching past selling prices.

Don’t pay retail prices, learn the process and pay wholesale!


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