delica2Anyone into Japanese used cars has usually owned one, driven in one, or wanted to own one of these vehicles, the delica wagon.  The even had a “space” version, the delica space gear, though I have never seen one flying myself.

Now Mitsubishi has added onto the Delica D:5 its AS&G intelligent motion system.  (Auto stop and go).  Without spending large amounts on a hybrid system etc. and just putting in the AS&G increases fuel economy by 14%.

The Delica D:5 was first released in 2007 with the continuing Delica goal of a people mover that transports people to their destination in comfort and safety.  It still had the SUV look and toughness but with the minivan comforts.

The Delica D:5 already offered a good environmental performance, with emissions that were 75% lower than the required Japan 2005 Emission Standards and the car qualified for a Vehicle Green Tax exemption by giving a consumption in pre-2010 days at a level 10% better than Japan’s 2010 Fuel Economy standards.