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While several car manufacturers tried to use the innovative Wankel rotary engine in production, only Mazda made a fist of it.  The lack of moving parts and turbine-like power make them addictive.  Almost all Mazda rotaries are two rotor jobbies, but they also make three and even four rotor variants for endurance racing.

Mazda RX-7 specs:

  • kms: 102,000
  • colour:  black pearl, 2 door, coupe  (personally I haven’t found a Mazda RX-7 4 door yet)
  • Engine:  Rotary, 2600cc, Manual
  • Year:   1992

Engine is a custom made 4 rotor built from all new parts

  • Gearbox- 5 speed manual with B&M Short shifter
  • Axles- Billet 2767
  • Clutch- MazdaSpeed single plate
  • Paint- Glasurite Black Pearl paint
  • Bonnet- Custom Carbon
  • Radiator- Griffin 3 core (with computer controlled water pump and fans)
  • Roll Cage- 5 point NZDRA chromolly with removable intrusion bar
  • Alloy fuel cell with twin bosch 044 pumps
  • Wheels- Standard RX7 Rims 16×8 **NOTE – DOES NOT INCLUDE WHEELS AND TYRES PICTURED!!**
  • Exhaust- Mandrel bent stainless steel primaries back to the diff running into 2 custom made 4 ” mufflers
  • 6mm scattershield and driveshaft loop
  • Boot mounted battery

Engine specifications

  • Street ported CNC Ported (Stage 2)
  • Custom made inlet manifold with billet alloy lower
  • 3 piece precision crank shaft
  • 9.7 rotors
  • Billet alloy sump plate with custom high volume pan and pick up
  • Motec M800 (with logging)
  • Dynoed at 430 HP at the rear axle


  • 10.66 1/4 mile@ 202kmh
  • Dynoed at 430 HP at the rear axle

May consider selling engine separately

Video link

Number plate to match


Count the rotors



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