How do Japanese cars do on a website that judges on the reliability of a vehicle.  It should be interesting comparing the list to what used cars are actually exported from Japan.

Starting the list from the number 10 most reliable car down to the number one most reliable car

10.  The Mazda 2 (the Mazda Demio in Japan, quite a popular export vehicle).
9.  The Honda Jazz (the Honda Fit in Japan, again a very common export vehicle).
8.  The Volvo S40  (European car)
7.  The Suzuki Ignis (Suzuki swift in Japan, again a very common export item).
6.  Toyota Corolla (perhaps the number one export vehicle from Japan).
5.  Ford Fiesta (well they can’t all be Japanese!)
4.  Suzuki Alto (definitely Japanese but not a very common export item)
3.  Honda HRV (exported under the same name in Japan)
2.  Vauxhall Aquila (sorry, never once seen one of these in the Japanese car auctions)

And now for the grand “Most reliable car” (according to a British homepage)

1.  Kia Picanto (looks a lot like the Honda Fit but definitely born in Korea).

Well Japan didn’t get the number one spot, or the number 2 but it did get 6 out of 10 spots in the top 10.  Shows there still is a market for used car exports around the world!

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