The Toyota Probox was introduced by Toyota in Japan in August 2002. It is a small wagon designed for commercial use as a delivery car, and closely related to the Toyota Succeed.

  • Body type: Wagon
  • Drive: Full 4WD or front wheel drive
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual or automatic
  • Displacement, 1298 cc
  • Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), 4195 x 1690 x 1525 mm
  • Interior dimensions (LxWxH), 1645 x 1405 x 1245 mm
  • Wheel base, 2550 mm
  • Engine type  2NZ-FE
  • Chassis type  NCP50V  (2WD)

Now compare what a dealer sells this car for on a well known stock page (For privacy sake the dealers name has been deleted)


This price is FOB I assume.

Now compare this to results in the month of September from the auctions:


To find out what the FOB value of this is, add on 75,000yen. So the 96km grade 4 on the list above sold for 555,000yen (=480,000yen+75,000yen) . US $7115  for a much better quality vehicle and better kms.

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