Toyota Probox

The Toyota Probox was introduced by Toyota in Japan in August 2002. It is a small wagon designed for commercial use as a delivery car, and closely related to the Toyota Succeed.

  • Body type: Wagon
  • Drive: Full 4WD or front wheel drive
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual or automatic
  • Displacement, 1298 cc
  • Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), 4195 x 1690 x 1525 mm
  • Interior dimensions (LxWxH), 1645 x 1405 x 1245 mm
  • Wheel base, 2550 mm
  • Engine type  2NZ-FE
  • Chassis type  NCP50V  (2WD)

Now compare what a dealer sells this car for on a well known stock page (For privacy sake the dealers name has been deleted)


This price is FOB I assume.

Now compare this to results in the month of September from the auctions:


To find out what the FOB value of this is, add on 75,000yen. So the 96km grade 4 on the list above sold for 555,000yen (=480,000yen+75,000yen) . US $7115  for a much better quality vehicle and better kms.

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2 thoughts on “Toyota Probox

  1. i am writing on behalf of Roger my friend who has been in the motor trade for over 50 years buying and selling from the public and the Brisbane auctions. in recent years to competition has made it difficult to make a living fighting through traffic to go to the auctions each week. There are other dealers in our area importing from Japan. Roger is not good at online communication so i thought i would help him get a better deal. You are offering a free trial for your auction but what does it cost after the trial is complete? Another complication will be compliancing which i understand is more difficult in NSW where most of Roger’s clients live. The vehicles will come in through Brisbane Queensland but we are south of the border in NSW. this would have to be researched.

    • Our membership doesn’t cost. However we would be idiots to bid on cars for someone who has no commitment to purchase a vehicle if he changes his mind. For that reason we ask for a returnable deposit. Compliancing in Ausy needs to be understood. A better word would be “importing through the rights of someone who has the rights”. You shouldn’t really contact us until you have secured one of those people who have those rights. After that it is not complicated.

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