Eugene Potapov | Provide Cars


Expert in finding vehicles for customers, fixing their problems and probably needs a little more rest!

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In the beginning …

Eugene’s passion for cars developed while studying in Far Eastern State Maritime Academy (FESMA now), back in the 80’s it was Far Eastern Maritime College in the city of Vladivostok, Russia Far East..  End of 1980’s and the beginning of the 1990’s the city of Vladivostok became a major hub for used car imports to all of Russia from east to west.  His first car was a 1.8ST EFI Toyota Celica with a 5 speed manual gear box and retractable head lights (top option those days).

A move to NZ to study …

In early 1990’s he moved to New Zealand, and his love for Japanese cars didn’t stop, rather than driving popular big thirsty Australian Holden Commodores he got himself behind a 1991 B20A 2.0L Honda Prelude

From 1997 to 1999 he was flat out studying the Japanese language at Auckland UNITEC. From year 2000 he started work in Japan.

Start at Provide Cars …

Eugene started his sales work for Provide Cars back in 2005.  His fluency in Russian, English and Japanese as well has his hard work ethic made him very successful as a sales staff at Provide Cars.  He not only learned the ins and outs of buying good cars in the auctions but he also involved himself with the shipping, the loading of cars into containers as well as many other aspects and complications of the whole used car export business.
My involvement in other aspects of the used cars export not just sales can be good point for those who wanted to deal with pro.

When he is not working …

Eugene knows the value of family, even above a stable job and is totally committed to his wife and young daughter Ana.  This year (2012) is her first year at primary school and everyone in Provide Cars is standing back in great anticipation of the wonderful impact she will have on her school and the friends she will make around her.

Eugene’s other passions are F1 racing (I mean what a cars really for?), as well as putting a nylon line over the back of a boat and hoping something fishy will happen, (fishing!!) although because the auctions rarely have a holiday his chances of doing this passion is limited.