Hiromi was born and raised in the Kansai area.

Documentation …

Hiromi came to work at Provide Cars 2 years ago and is charge of the documentation.  What does she do?  She takes the Japanese “Shakensho” or registration paper that she receives from the auctions, and writes out a deregistration request form.  What actually happens is we change the ownership of the car into Provide Cars name and then request for a car or truck “export” certificate.  When she has a stack of these, she drives 30 minutes down the road to the Japanese land and transport office and surrenders the applications along with the number plates.  This is a place worth seeing if you ever tour Japan.  Not the normal tourist destination.  But a real spectacle of Japanese red tape efficiency.  About 30 minutes later, after this stake of vehicles has changed ownership then received export permission and she head back to the office again.  Now these deregistered cars new export certificates must be faxed back to the auction of origin to prove ownership change.  This is just one small glimpse of the work that awaits Hiromi every time we buy a car.

When she is not working …

Hiromi in her spare time enjoys dogs.  Her favorite dog is her own one and it is “Shiba ken”, a native breed of Japanese dog.  The smallest of the native breeds, originally breed to hunt small wild game, bear, boar and flush birds.  The name Shiba means small and brushwood in Japanese.