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Mori Kazue

First years at Provide …

Kazue was born and raised in Kansai.  She first worked at Provide Cars 6 years ago.  She came into the company to help in the documentation.  After a year there she soon progressed and showed her skills with accounting, having come from an accounting background in her previous company.  Since then she has grown in skill and excellence as the accounts lady.  When you send Provide Cars a transfer, she is the one who will manage it into your account.

Highlights working at Provide …

When asked about what does she like about working at Provide Cars.  She answered “the holidays”.  At Provide Cars she gets her Satudays and Sundays off.  Something most people in the West take for granted.

When she is not working …

What does she like to do in her spare time?  She like to work in the garden.  We offered her the job of pulling out all the weeds around the Provide office, but she rejected the office.  That is not the sort of gardening she like.

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