takako_french_sTakako likes to take time to spend on crafts and spinning, not exactly related to cars! Occasionally I can identify a Toyota (by its badge), but beyond that I get lost on all those names. I do like spending time on accounts, and I love to throw my head into a set of pages until I see figures balance! Takako was born and raised in Higashi Osaka, Japan.  She is the eldest of 5 children.   She studied at Yale Business College in Osaka.  After graduating from here she spent 3 years working for a fishing magazine company, before going off to America for a year of study.  After coming back to Japan, she started a community newspaper for the Filipino community in Japan, called Pinoy.  This is where she first met her future husband, Jon French, who helped in the production of the newspaper.

When her husband started Provide Cars in 1997, she spent long hours arranging shipping, paying dealers and auctions, arranging transportation and learning the whole ropes of exporting used cars from Japan.  What she learnt of the process, she passed onto new staff as the company grew.

Her main role now is overlooking the Japanese staff and the accounts side of the company.