How would you like to be the most Eco Friendly camper on the camp site this summer?

No, you didn’t tow your caravan to the camp site in your dirty-diesel-turbo-blowing-black smoke all the way to the summer camping ground!

No, you didn’t fill your 100 liter V8 petrol tank 2 times to get to the camping ground!

And no, you didn’t pollute the environment with your hole-in-the-muffler, dirty injectors, diesel glugging, smoke exuding camper truck!

No, you arrived quietly (on battery power as you cruised into the camp site) in your Toyota Prius Camper!  The only noise made when you arrived were the dolphins jumping and the whales breaching as they jumped and breached as high as they could to be seen by you and hopefully wave to you.


Yes, you don’t jump on the Eco wave, you make the Eco wave this summer by showing the camping community what really is important.  A PRIUS CAMPER VAN.  Now take a look at this and let you green saliva glands salivate:










We have been taking many orders for Toyota Prius’ to be purchased in the auctions in the last 6 months.  Word is that the newer model (2005 and up) doesn’t have any issues with it’s batteries like the earlier models did.  You can save $1000s of dollars by purchasing directly from Japan rather than buying in your own country.