Will it be a Toyota Prius?

Or maybe a Subaru XV (pronounced with the letters X and V, not 15)

What are the issues around those batteries and when do they need to be replaced?  That would be my biggest worry.

With a bit of research:  there are many hybrid taxis in New York with over 150,000 miles on their clocks that are still going strong.  In kilometer equivalents that is 241405 kms.  Wow!  Not bad.  But one day, you know, you will get to the 250,000 kms mark and those batteries have to be changed!  What’s it gonna cost?

A bit more research again, for a set of batteries for a Toyota Prius 2003 to 2008 model range:
$3,649 minus $1,350 “core credit”.  What “core credit” means is Toyota is recycling your battery (and probably making a good profit on it too).  That cuts the cost to $2300 US dollars for a new battery that will last another 250,000 kms.

Beginning to convince myself to replace my present gas guzzler to hybrid!