The Toyota Altezza, commonly known as the Lexus IS, is an entry-level luxury car. It is a sporty car designed for luxury, style, and class for those that are looking for a nice car to break them into the world of sports vehicles.


Altezza Specs

Engine: 2.0 L, Petrol

Length: 4,400 mm (173.2 in)

Width: Sedan: 1,720 mm (67.7 in)

Height : 1,410 mm (55.5 in)

Curb weight: IS 200: 1,360 kg (3,000 lb)

EPA-estimated 22/33 mpg city/highway


The Good

The Altezza is going to make a good impression on whoever rides with you and it’s going to leave you feeling as though you have achieved your sports car dreams. It has a sleek exterior, giving it the look of a curvy sports car. Not only is the outside striking, but the inside is classy as well. There is decent room in this four door vehicle, as well as high end cutting edge technology. It comes with a screen, usb ports, a moon roof, and Siri voice recognition along with other types of gadgets that any techno geek would love to have. The steering and handling of this sports car is spot on. Its speed rivals that of other entry level-luxury sports cars. If you are looking for speed the Altezza might be right for you. At 552 horsepower this vehicle knows how to move quickly and efficiently.


The Bad

One of the major complaints of the Altezza is how it turns corners. Performance wise, it excels in nearly all areas except this.  As it is supposed to be an entry-level sports car, one would expect it to perform all the functions of one. However, while its speed is no problem, corners seem to be a difficulty for this vehicle, as there have been reports of it not handling turning with as much accuracy at high speeds as other entry level sports vehicles.


What Others Say


The exterior of the vehicle is made trendy and stylish with the uni-body chassis that makes vehicle light enough with overall cost reduction in long run. –SBT Global Car Exporter


The 2016 Altezza (Lexus IS) doesn’t quite match the sporty driving dynamics of some rivals, but its upscale interior and comfortable ride are appealing. –US News Best Cars


The size and the chassis and the rear-drive layout are bang on the money. –Top Gear


The 2016 Lexus IS’s (Altezza) blend of style, comfort and power makes it an appealing choice for a small luxury sedan. — Edmunds


It’s gorgeous. It’s powerful. It’s comfortable. If I could have driven it through my front door and up into my bedroom each night and tucked it in next to me, I would have. – Forbes


In the highly competitive entry-level luxury-sedan market the Lexus IS (Altezza) is an enticing choice, with high style, advanced technology, impressive performance, indisputable prestige, impeccable detail, relentless quality and an unmatched reputation for owner satisfaction. Among a group where excellence is the minimum standard, the IS (Altezza) is formidable. — Kelley Blue Book