Nothing like a nice cup of  cappuccino on a early spring morning at the cafe.  I like my cappuccino with a cinnamon roll.  How about a little turbo with your cappuccino?

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This is the Suzuki Cappuccino.  It weighs 725 kg (1,598 lb) and the dimensions are 3,295 mm (129.7 in) long and 1,395 mm (54.9 in) wide.  This little guy is no push over.  It’s powered by a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 657 cc engine.

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In an episode of the famous Initial D animation the Cappuccino came very close to beating the AE86.  I know, I know…comparing an animated show to real life street race might sound a bit silly but the Cappuccino is still impressive and looks really cool.

Check out these replicas that used a Suzuki Cappuccino.  Yes, in case you are wondering these are all cars that were converted from a Suzuki Cappuccino.  The mini version of the Chevy Corvette is my favorite.

Nissan GT-R replica.

Image result for suzuki cappuccino gtr Image result for suzuki cappuccino gtr

Chevrolet Corvette replica.                                                                                  Ford Cobra replica.

Image result for すずきカプチーノ replica     Image result for すずきカプチーノ replica

Toyota Supra replica.

Image result for cappuccino supra replicaRelated image

Dodge Viper replica.

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There continues to be an increase in interest and price on certain vehicles at the Japanese auto auctions.  As we see a lot of GT-R, RX-7, Silvia, Supra and other JDM cars being exported overseas the Cappuccino is also finding homes abroad.  If you are going to buy a Cappuccino get it directly from the Japanese auto auctions to save money.  Provide Cars has been a member of JUMVEA (Japanese Used Motor Vehicle Export Association) for 20 years and have both excellent service and reputation.  They will help you get the car you want safely to your destination.  Sign up for a free trial account today!