Mitsubishi is known for making anything from pencils, air conditioning units, chemicals, materials and airplanes.

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As most of you know Mitsubishi also makes cars.  I would not say that they make top of the line vehicles compared to Toyota or Honda but there are models that I really like.  Especially the Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear.  This one is a 1997 model that is being sold at the Japanese auto auction.  In recent years we, Provide Cars Ltd., have been shipping them to Canada quite a bit.  The off road look makes you want to take it on a camping trip where there might be rough terrain.  I drove one a couple of years ago when I visited family in Okinawa, Japan.  The engine had plenty of power and the ride was very pleasant.

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front of car PD6W - 1997 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear - white

back of car PD6W - 1997 Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear - white

Looking a few years back, if this was available back in the U.S. I would have purchased one.  I currently drive a Toyota Estima but it could be my next vehicle in the next couple of years.  The Japanese auto auction have plenty of Delica Space Gears available for sale.  If you want to get more information check out our website