「1955 GMC truck modify」の画像検索結果

Oh my stars and chicken gizzards!  Who would have thought that I would find a 1956 GMC  Pickup Truck at the Japanese auto auction?  Man!  I don’t think I have seen one my whole life in the U.S.  for over 20 years.  You gotta wonder who owns this truck in Japan and why considering the roads a very small in certain areas.  Was this a car imported right after the second World War?  Or was it imported by an American truck junky?  The only information I have on the truck is that it’s located in Nagoya, Japan and it’s being auctioned at one of the auction houses there.  The condition looks great inside and out.  Take a look.  Right now these trucks are selling near 20,000 USD.  The starting bid on this one is at around 8200 USD.

front photo of car  - 2014 Gmc GMC PICKUP - green-2tone  back photo of car  - 2014 Gmc GMC PICKUP - green-2tone interior photo of car  - 2014 Gmc GMC PICKUP - green-2tone

It’s always great to see a vehicle as close to it’s original condition.  But every now and then you see a truck that has been modified to where certain features just pops out at ya!  Classic truck enthusiasts all over the world

「1955 GMC truck modify」の画像検索結果 「1956 GMC Suburban Pickup Truck shortbed」の画像検索結果

「1955 GMC truck modify」の画像検索結果

If Hotwheels, the toy company, is making classic trucks to put in their line up you know that these trucks will continue to have it’s place in the future despite hybrids and EVs coming into the market.  Sure you can get these trucks in the good ol’ US of A but don’t forget that these beloved trucks are also cherished in other countries like Japan.  Sometimes good things must come to an end though.  When that happens I would implore you to search for a classic truck at the Japanese auto auction.  Every good truck deserves a good home and a great owner that will continue to share the legacy of the American classic trucks.  If you are looking for a classic truck get a hold of us at [email protected].  One of our agents will be happy to walk you through the steps to bid, buy and have the truck shipped to the port of your choice.  You can also reach us at +81 798 75 1451.