Wanna know which car is considered to be the biggest pile of crap?  The 1978 Cadillac Deville.  It came out a year after I was born so I don’t remember much about the existence of this car but I hear that this pile of crap gives you a whopping 6 miles to the gallon.  In a time when the U.S. was going through a gas crisis this car only added to people’s headaches.  Story has it that you were able to get this car for only a couple of hundred bucks a few years after it came out.  So it looks like there are a lot of cons but what are the pros of this car?  Well, I hear you could fit a lot of people in it and it offered a lot of horse power.  But beside that it was just a big car that ate a lot of your hard earned money.

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I had to add one more crap car for you.  I present to you the Ford Pinto.  This bomb on wheels was a death trap.  Why?  Well, when the Pinto got rear-ended it tended to go up in flames.  According to a report Ford did 40 tests and every time it crashed the fuel tank ruptured.  Ford knew about this but put it out on the market anyway.  So, why did Ford put the car out on the market knowing it had problems?  Because, Ford knew that if they did not put out a new sub-compact car in their 1971 line up the Japanese and Germans were going to take over the US market in the sub-compact arena.  Are you telling me that Ford picked quantity over quality?  Nooooo!  Yes, they did!  Some might say, “You get what you pay for.”  There’s some truth to that but in the case of the Pinto I would have to say don’t drive this piece of crap of a car.  I don’t care if you know how to do crazy stunts like Johnny Knoxville don’t do it!

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Well, boys and girls.  I hope you learned a great lesson today.  Buy safe and reliable cars only.  But what if I can’t afford a brand new car?  You can always get a nice used car from the Japanese auto auction.  Cars in Japan are inspected every two years and a lot of these cars are well maintained.  Plus many of these cars have great safety features to keep you and your loved ones safe.  A third of cars sold at these auctions are shipped across the sea to foreign countries.  I’m sure Provide Cars Ltd can help you get one so tell your mommy’ and daddy’s about them.  Remember, Japanese auto auctions are one of the best places to get a Toyota Prius, Estima and other Japanese cars.  Remember that you can get a nice European or American car too.