Due to arrival quarantine laws with COVID-19, what is normally an hour flight from Tokyo to Osaka turned into an 8 hour drive.  Apart from the rental car cost, what is more expensive, the petrol for the trip or the tolls?

Those who know Japan will say it is a no brainer, those who don’t may be surprised!  Here is the trip:

Add in the traffic jams, toilet breaks, food breaks and toilet breaks and food breaks and toilet breaks and … in theory an 8 or 9 hour trip. However, if you travel at the same speed as the rest of the traffic,  you can cut about 1 hour off the trip.  I will not state here the driving speed as I may incriminate myself, but least to say we were overtaken most of the time by cars doing close to 140 kms/hr. 

So how about costs?  This was the rental car:  Nissan Note, not hybrid.

 37 litres of fuel used.  At 135 yen per litre that comes out to around 5000 yen. 

So the toll costs?  Here:

15,490 yen … or $145 US .. or 103 English pounds … or if you must 10,800 rubbles!

So the answer: it costs 3x the cost of petrol for tolls in a fairly fuel efficient car in Japan