For a year now the cost of container shipping from Japan has skyrocketed, as has world wide prices.  Luckily until now that hasn’t had as much of an impact on RORO shipping out of Japan.  However, finally luck has run out, and the knock on effect of the container shipping as well as a few other factors have now hit RORO shipping out of Japan.

Used car exporters who have specialized in container shipping have moved their stock over to RORO shipping.  Add to this increase in demand from expoters to use RORO over container shipping, port slow-downs due to Covid-19 reduced staff at ports, have reduced the speed at which ships can be processed at ports, which has reduced the total monthly turnover of these RORO ships.  All this has put huge pressure on RORO shipping to the point now the shipping yards are crammed full waiting for ever decreasing space on boats.  This is resulting in delays after purchase for exporting out of Japan.  We do not see a quick solution to this problem until the price of container shipping goes down.