A common problem occuring on cars in the auctions is the comment “mirror(s) not folding”.

What is the likely cause?  The control module. 

Repairing a mirror when the control module fails typically involves replacing the faulty module. Here are the general steps involved in repairing the mirror:

1. Diagnosis: Confirm that the control module is indeed the cause of the problem. This can be done by checking for power supply to the module, testing for any error codes or diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) related to the mirror system, and verifying that other components involved in the mirror folding mechanism are functioning properly.

2. Obtain a replacement module: Contact an authorized dealer, parts supplier, or an authorized service center to obtain a replacement control module for your specific vehicle make and model. It is important to ensure that the replacement module is compatible with your vehicle’s mirror system.

3. Disconnect the power source: Before working on the mirror, disconnect the power source to prevent any electrical shock or damage. This may involve disconnecting the battery or removing the appropriate fuses.

4. Access the mirror assembly: Depending on the vehicle make and model, accessing the control module may require removing trim panels or covers on the inside of the vehicle to gain access to the mirror assembly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions or refer to a repair manual specific to your vehicle.

5. Replace the control module: Locate the control module within the mirror assembly and disconnect any electrical connectors or wiring harnesses connected to it. Remove the old control module and install the replacement module in its place. Ensure that all connections are secure.

6. Reassemble and test: Once the new control module is installed, reassemble any trim panels or covers that were removed to access the mirror assembly. Reconnect the power source, such as the battery or fuses. Test the mirror functionality to verify that the automatic folding feature is working properly.


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