The list isn’t as long or as exciting as Toyota‘s, which is probably a little worrying for Nissan but here it is (note these vehicles are all available in the Japan car auctions as well).  Also note, Nissan often calls it’s hybrids “e-power”.

Here is a comprehensive list of Nissan hybrid vehicles that were sold on the Japanese domestic market (JDM) and Japan car auctions :

1. Nissan Note e-Power
2. Nissan Serena e-Power
3. Nissan X-Trail Hybrid
4. Nissan Skyline Hybrid
5. Nissan Fuga Hybrid
6. Nissan Cima Hybrid
7. Nissan Elgrand e-Power
8. Nissan Roox Highway Star Hybrid
9. Nissan Juke e-Power
10. Nissan Kicks e-Power
11. Nissan NV200 Vanette e-Power

Of the above vehicles we own 2 of those: the Note e-Power and the Serena e-Power. I am especially impressed with the Note e-power while the Serena feels a little under-powered (our office is on a hill!).