Driving into the local supermarket yesterday I saw a “Volvo” looking car drive past, on 2nd looks it wasn’t a Volvo but a 5 door hatchback Toyota Crown!

I had to do some research on this car.

Interesting claims from Toyota’s crown page:

High-Rigidity Body
To create a sense of unity with the car and achieve precise handling, various measures have been taken to enhance the rigidity of the steering support and increase the overall structural rigidity. These include adopting techniques such as Laser Screw Welding (LSW) and structural adhesives. The body has been meticulously engineered for rigidity, resulting in a comfortable ride and smooth driving experience.”

and this:


For precise handling and a luxurious ride. The front suspension adopts a MacPherson strut design, while the rear utilizes a multi-link setup. We aimed to achieve the characteristic stability in straight-line driving that the Crown is known for, as well as a nimble and responsive feel that makes you want to drive more. Additionally, we pursued a flat sensation with minimal eye movement and a calm, low-vibration ride. The suspension provides maneuverability and stability that allow you to control the vehicle as desired, while offering a relaxing and comfortable experience.”

we’ll keep on going:

Aerodynamic Performance
Balancing the new silhouette and performance.
To achieve a luxurious ride with secure ground contact, aerodynamic elements have been incorporated primarily in the underfloor area, without compromising the exterior appearance. The floor undercover area has been increased, and an Aero Stabilizing Underbody Step has been newly developed to enhance the flow velocity underneath the vehicle and generate downforce. The goal was to minimize flow disruption and achieve a smooth and stable ride. Additionally, all vehicles, except for CROSSOVER RS ‘Advanced’ and CROSSOVER RS, come standard with a grille shutter to reduce air resistance.”

Balancing Excellent Power Performance and Fuel Efficiency.
To achieve responsiveness to accelerator inputs and powerful yet smooth acceleration, a newly developed bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery has been adopted. It enhances responsiveness at low speeds and enables direct acceleration in the medium to high-speed range by utilizing battery output. Additionally, thorough pursuit of system efficiency ensures excellent fuel efficiency.

System Maximum Output
172kW (234PS) ”

and for the nerds:

Powerful and Linear Acceleration Sensation.
For the first time in Toyota, we have adopted the newly developed ‘Dual Boost Hybrid System’ that combines a 2.4L inline 4-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum torque of 460N·m and an eAxle mounted on the rear wheels. This system provides minimal delay in driving force response to accelerator inputs, delivering torque-rich and smooth acceleration for an exhilarating driving feel. It also offers a rhythmic and enjoyable shifting sensation.

System Maximum Output
257kW (349PS)”

Direct Shift-6AT
Bringing responsive acceleration in accordance with accelerator inputs.
This 6-speed automatic transmission (6AT) was designed to deliver a sense of directness in driving. It incorporates a launch clutch system that ensures vehicle response in line with accelerator inputs and a powertrain integrated control that finely controls gear selection, engine, and motor torque based on driving scenes. By achieving prompt acceleration and quick shifts in response to accelerator inputs, we aimed to pursue both ease of handling and driving enjoyment. Additionally, the transmission features an M mode, allowing the driver to freely select and fix gear ratios, providing a sense of manual control.”

Finally, are they in the Japan car auctions?  Like most near new cars yes they are, quite a lot of them.

Price:  they sell near new for around 5.5 to 6 million depending on the model type.

Model types?  Here we go

ModelPrice New yenPerformance
Crossover X4,350,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover G4,750,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover G advanced5,100,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover G leather package5,400,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover G advanced leather package5,700,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover RS6,050,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD
Crossover RS advanced 6,400,000hybrid 22.4kms/l 4WD