Toyota latest version Supra

The new ToyotaSupra” is the first global model in the sports car series “GR” developed by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing. It is the first product resulting from a comprehensive partnership with BMW, and it shares the common feature of being a rear-wheel drive vehicle equipped with an inline-six cylinder engine in any generation. The new model also inherits these characteristics. The lineup includes the “RZ” with a B58 type 3.0L inline-six cylinder engine, the “SZ-R” with a B48 type 2.0L inline-four cylinder engine, and the “SZ.” All variants are equipped with an 8-speed sports automatic transmission.

The exterior design proposes a sporty style befitting the flagship model of TOYOTA sports, fully utilizing the characteristics of a sports car’s packaging and layout. It incorporates elements from TOYOTA sports heritage, such as the adoption of a double-bubble roof that contributes to reducing aerodynamic drag and positioning the headlights closer to the vehicle’s interior, giving a rich volume to the fenders and creating a condensed body design. 

Toyota supra headlights and body style

The interior features a new cockpit style that tightly integrates the essential visual and operational elements for sports driving, such as the meters, head-up display, paddle switches, and steering switches, all concentrated in front of the driver. It envelops the driver compactly, extending from the door trims to the knee pads on the console. 

Toyota supra interior

In terms of safety, advanced preventive safety technologies are standard equipment on all vehicles, including “Pre-Crash Safety (millimeter-wave radar + monocular camera system)” that detects pedestrians and bicycle riders during the day and aims to assist in collision avoidance or reduce damage, as well as “Radar Cruise Control (with full-speed range following function)” that assists in following the preceding vehicle. 

Furthermore, all vehicles come standard with a vehicle communication device (DCM) and offer the Supra-exclusive connected service “Toyota Supra Connect.” The available body colors include eight options, including the sporty and vibrant “Lightning Yellow” and the newly developed color “Matte Storm Gray Metallic,” which enhances the strength of the design.

Used car prices in the Japan car auctions?

At the time of this writing, a grade 5 Toyota Supra RZ 3.0L with less than 10K kms on the clock sells between 5.8 million yen to 6.2 million yen.

A grade 4.5 to 5 Toyota Supra SZ-R 2.0L with less than 20K kms on the clock sells between 3.5 and 4.8 million yen.