“A Car That Makes You a Bad Driver”

Japanese users review of the 2023 Toyota Prius PHEV Z (CVT 2.0 PHEV)

Overall score:   Driving performance  5/5  Ride comfort 5/5   Fuel efficiency  5/5   Design 5/5   Price 4/5

Overall Evaluation: 

It provides support to the extent that I consider myself a skilled driver (driving in line with my own style). If you feel uncertain or experience frequent close calls while driving, I recommend choosing a higher-grade model.

Points of Satisfaction: 

It provides driving assistance down to the smallest details. From deceleration to lane keeping and more, the ride comfort is impeccable without any complaints.

Points of Dissatisfaction: 

Concerns about the driving skills of individuals who give low ratings. It would have been desirable to have storage for charging cables that can accommodate up to 15 meters.


Surprisingly, it feels compact.

Driving performance  

The maneuverability is so enjoyable that it feels lively and responsive.

Ride comfort

It depends on the road surface. If you encounter any issues or concerns, feel free to contact the local road authority!

Cargo capacity

More than sufficient. It poses no issues in daily life.  

Fuel efficiency

It’s simply fantastic. Good!


Although there is no discount, I am currently satisfied with it.

Yes, sold in the used car auctions with the chassis type: MXWH61,