Honda Fit hybrid GP5 GP6

Honda’s 5-door small car, Fit Hybrid, offers three lineup options:

Base model “Hybrid,” “Hybrid F” with enhanced functionality, and “Hybrid L Honda Sensing” with added quality features. This also includes the sporty “Hybrid S Honda Sensing.” Equipped with a 1.5L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC + i-DCD engine and a 7-speed automatic transmission. Available in both FF and 4WD. Features advanced safety driving support system “Honda Sensing” (excluding “Hybrid”). The exterior showcases a low center of gravity design with wide front and rear bumpers, along with inline-type LED headlights for a sporty and advanced look. The interior supports “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto,” allowing a smartphone connection via USB for music playback, calls, and map applications through the navigation screen and voice commands.

Very common in the auctions, especially on Monday’s Honda Auctions all over Japan.

Fuel consumption, using the JCO8 mode (see note at the bottom), 31.8 kms/l, although real life users in Japan put it closer to 22.2 kms/l.

(JCO8:  refers to the JC08 mode driving cycle. It is a standardized test procedure used in Japan to measure the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions of vehicles. The JC08 mode is designed to simulate various driving conditions, including urban driving, suburban driving, and highway driving, with different speeds and acceleration patterns. The test results obtained from the JC08 mode provide an estimate of the vehicle’s fuel efficiency under typical Japanese driving conditions.)

Models as follows, the GP5 is for front wheel drive or FF and GP6 is for full time 4WD:

GradeChassis TypeCCDrive trainEconomy kms/lPrice new
Hybrid DAA-GP51496ccFF37.21.731 m yen
Hybrid FDAA-GP51496ccFF34.01.849 m yen
Hybrid DAA-GP61496ccFull time 4WD29.41.929 m yen
Hybrid FDAA-GP61496ccFull time 4WD28.62.047 m yen
Hybrid LDAA-GP51496ccFF34.02.117 m yen
Hybrid S Honda sensingDAA-GP51496ccFF31.8 2.246 m yen
Hybrid L Honda sensingDAA-GP61496ccFull time 4WD28.62.282 m yen
Hybrid S Honda sensingDAA-GP61496ccFull time 4WD28.02.411 m yen