There is a word beginning with “C” that must be discussed here.  It is not a good word, but it must be said:

CORROSION or as often translated on the auction sheets: ### corrosion underneath ###.

Corrosion written in Japanese on the auction sheet
Yes the “C” letter


Japan is an island nation, surrounded by sea.  They love their seafood, and a common means of transporting that seafood from the coasts to the local markets is by Kei trucks and trucks.  One awful consequence of this is corrosion from the salt water dripping out of the buckets of seafood.  So a common description found on older Kei trucks, especially from the rural areas is ### corrosion underneath ###.

Auction check sheet corrosion marks
Note the dreaded C symbols on the map

Another cause of these dreaded “C” marks on the map is the salted roads in snowy winter areas.  Such areas as the Japan sea which receives one of the highest snowfalls in the world as well as Hokkaido.

What to do when you see “C” on the map or when ### corrosion underneath ### is mentioned on the translation?  Either move on or you must have other major reasons to bid on this vehicle!