“Komi komi” … Japanese expression for jamming as much in as possible.  Komi komi is what is happening at the Maizuru Nishi Ports, Kyoto prefecture before the sanctions bite on exports of used cars to Russia.

Maizuru port used car loading
Last chance loading of ships to Russia of soon to be banned vehicles

Most of these cars, including those with engine displacements over 1900cc, fall under the scope of the new regulations. Port authorities remarked, “It’s truly a last-minute export rush. Evidence that additional sanctions are taking effect.”

On the morning of the 8th at Maizuru Nishi Port, a “RO-RO ship” that allows cars to drive into the cargo hold docked. Its destination is Vladivostok, carrying approximately 200 used cars. This same ship had also loaded cars at Fushiki Toyama Port (Toyama Prefecture) on the 7th. It’s rare for this type of ship to have cars crowded on the upper deck as well.

According to the Osaka Customs Maizuru Customs Branch, the used cars loaded at Maizuru Nishi Port are mostly vehicles with engine displacements exceeding 1900cc.

According to the Ministry of Finance Customs and Tariff Bureau, the implementation of additional sanctions is scheduled for the 9th. (August 2023). Gasoline and diesel cars with engine displacements over 1900cc, as well as hybrid cars and electric vehicles, will be affected.

The total automobile export volume from both Maizuru and Uchiura ports in 2022 was approximately 28,500 vehicles. This is an increase of about 2,500 vehicles from the pre-sanction year of 2021, and the export value has also increased by over 70%. The Prefectural Ports and Harbors Bureau stated, “Many of the exported cars from Maizuru exceed 1900cc. With the additional sanctions, a significant reduction in export volume is anticipated.”

source:  Yomiuri Shinbun