Fires:  RORO specialist K-line’s Freematle Highway …. exploding electric cars (brand new!).

Freemantle Highway fire damage

Fire in a Pachinko car park in Japan (August 20th).  Although the cause of this Pachinko car park fire didn’t originate with an electric car, but rather a diesel truck’s battery, within the other 100 cars that burned there were likely EV cars that burn at 5000 degress C.

Fire in a Japanese Pachinko carpark

Shipping lines, understandably, refusing to ship USED electric vehicles.  They have no choice when it comes to shipping new EV vehicles, but they DO NOT like shipping them.

So what is the future of used car exports from Japan?  It certainly doesn’t look bright for USED Japanese EV exports, readily available in the auctions but with very few shipping lines (New Zealand and Australia alone at the moment) willing to ship them.  A fire on one of these ships will completely destroy that last option as well.

Well there is some good news, Japan makes VERY FEW EV models and doesn’t seem to be choosing an EV future.  We’ll continue this on another blog.