A Toyota Prius? Toyota Aqua?  Driving in Japan they are like the most common cars you see! No, it is:

Honda “N-Box”

The Honda N Box

The Japan Automobile Dealers Association and the National Association of Small Car Dealers announced the sales figures for individual car models in 2022. According to these reports, the top-selling new car overall was the Honda ‘N-BOX,’ a kei car, (an unusual adaption of the kei car in that link) which reclaimed the top spot after two years with solid demand, selling 202,197 units (a 7.0% increase compared to the previous year). In contrast, the Toyota ‘Yaris,’ which was the top registered car in the previous year, experienced an impact due to supply instability, with sales numbers for the period from February to April dropping by half compared to the previous year, resulting in a 20.8% decrease to 168,557 units. While the ‘Yaris’ maintained
its top position in the registered car category, it fell to second place overall.
In the third position, the SUV ‘Corolla Cross’ (Toyota Yaris) contributed to increased sales numbers, and the Toyota ‘Corolla’ rose three positions from the previous year in the rankings.