Bank Information

A bank deposit is required before bidding.  Either a minimum of 100,000 yen, if the car value to be bidded on is less than a million yen or 10% of the value of the vehicle you want to purchase.  For example, if you want to bid up to 2 million yen on a vehicle, you need to send a 200,000 yen deposit. The deposit IS refundable.
Send your security deposit today to start bidding and buying!
Immediate deposit:

For bank transfers please use the following details:

Provide Cars’ account information is as follows:

Primary Account:

Bank Name – MUFG Bank, LTD
Bank Number – 0005
Branch Name – Nishinomiya Branch
Bank Address – 1-35 Wazyoucho, Nishinomiya-city Hyogo, Japan
Branch Number – 479
Account Name – PROVIDE CARS LTD.
Account Number – 4579761
Provide Cars Ltd address – 30-20 Megamiyama Cho, Koyoen, Nishinomiya, Japan. 662-0011

Please note that if you are a customer of Provide Cars, you will have your own unique Account Identification Number (Dealer Number). If you have made funds transaction to our company in the past, your previous account number with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation will be your “Dealer Number” (starting with 7390xxx). Since we are receiving multiple international transfers every day, it is easier for us to have this “Dealer Number” to attribute payments received to the right customer quickly. If you are not sure of your account number, please contact a customer service person.

Please follow below procedure to make your funds transfer.

Secondary Account:

Bank Name – Kansai Mirai Bank, LTD
Bank Number – 0159
Branch Name – Nishinomiya-chuo Branch
Bank Address – 6-10 Murokawa-cho Nishinomiya City Hyogo Japan
Branch Number – 261
Account Name – PROVIDE CARS LTD.
Account Number – 0598075
Provide Cars Ltd address – 30-20 Megamiyama Cho, Koyoen, Nishinomiya, Japan. 662-0011

-If you are already our member… Please put Dealer Number along with the name of sender.
i.e. If Mr. Smith is sending funds, then please indicate in the section of “Sender” as “Dealer No. 7390xxx Mr. Smith”

Important!!! Please note if we do not have your Dealer Number indicated to the funds transaction information, then it is more difficult to identify your funds. Please do not forget to include your Dealer Number.

-If you are a new customer… If you are sending a deposit to our account, please identify yourself “Deposit from YOUR NAME” when you make a funds transfer. Our customer service person will inform you of your unique Dealer Number after we confirm your deposit.


There are 2 ways you can send through TransferWise

  1.  You may send the funds to this email address:     [email protected]
  2. You may input the details yourself (copy and paste) …. the following:

Name    プロバイド カーズ 

Account:   Kansai Mirai Bank

Branch:  西宮中央支店 Nishinomiya

Bank type:   普通 

Account number:   0598075

If you have any questions, please contact a customer service person.

Check daily exchanges rate here  (note: this is the spot rate, not the rate the bank will charge you before their commission take)

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